Welcome to Alton Main Animal Hospital

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Welcome to Alton Main Animal Hospital!

Since 1986, Santa Ana, California area has known Alton Main Animal Hospital as the place for dedicated care for the other family memeber.

We try to approach every case with every patient as if that patient were our own pet. We also believe that prevention of disease is far better than treatment of a disease that could have been prevented. Therefore, we emphasize puppy and kitten care programs, annual exams, wellness blood profiles, and appropriately scheduled vaccines and parasite control.

We have a well-equipped surgery suite for general, orthopedic, and cosmetic procedures, with emphasis on pain prevention and control. We offer reasonably priced spays and neuters that include multi-system anesthetic monitoring, absorbable sutures, and post operative pain management. We also Emphasize good dental health for middle-aged and senior pets.


Dr. Isaac Shim

Our Doctors

Dr. Isaac Shim, DVM

Dr. Shim earned his veterinary degree from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea in 2001 and completed advanced education and clinical training at Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, New York in 2004.

He then worked at many general practices, overnight emergency hospitals, and 24-hour specialty hospitals in Arizona and Southern California before joining Alton Main Animal Hospital in 2010.

Dr. Hong Moon, DVM

Dr.Efren Zuniga, DVM

Dr. Moon and Dr. Zuniga were co-owners of Alton Main Animal Hospital from 1986 to 2017 before Dr. Shim took over the sole ownership of the hospital in 2017.

They have been still working here as associate doctors.

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